Contract Research

Robinson Seismic Limited has gained extensive experience developing, testing, and manufacturing a wide range of seismic protection and damping products.

We offer the benefit of this to clients – with confidential research and testing services. We have access to a number of unique test machines in the area of vibration control and damping.

Testing Facilities

  • 7500kN test rig (simulated vertical load compression < 20MN, tension < 10MN, horizontal load <7.5MN)
  • 700kN test rig s(simulated vertical load compression < 6MN, tension < 2MN, horizontal load 700kN)
  • Universal test machine (+/- 250 kN)
  • 400MN compression test rig.

Research Groups

A number of research groups have focused on the best ways to incorporate Robinson Seismic devices into structures, including:

More information

Feel free to talk to us if you’d like to find out more about possible research and testing.