About Us

Specialising in seismic protection devices

World famous technology invented here

Dr Bill Robinson, the company’s founder, was the original inventor of several innovative seismic protection devices, including the Lead Rubber Bearing now famous and widely used throughout the world. Its use has been growing almost exponentially because of its simplicity, robustness, reliability, and easy replacement compared to alternative seismic design. Since the 1970s, continual improvement and rigorous quality testing has led to the advanced technology we offer today.

You can read more on The Bill Robinson Story and the Memorial to Bill Robinson.

expertise through an international network

Robinson Seismic has close association with several key earthquake-related organisations including:

  • Natural Hazards Inc, a New Zealand business cluster having resources including earthquake engineering technology, specialist engineers, and natural hazard management expertise – www.naturalhazhards.co.nz
  • NZ engineering design consultancies – Holmes, Beca Carter and others – with high quality project work recognised internationally – www.holmesgroup.com and www.beca.com
  • Anti Seismic Systems International Society – represented by over 18 countries having access to specialist research and test laboratories – www.assisi-antiseismicsystems.org

Supported by world-leading NZ pragmatic engineering design

A number of world renowned consulting earthquake engineers are closely associated with Robinson Seismic. They have extensive experience successfully incorporating base isolation into a variety of structures.

Agents and joint venture partners in several countries

Robinson Seismic has agents and partner organisations around the world:


Middle East


Turkey - www.emke.com.tr
Greece –

Working with architects and engineers

We help architects, engineers, and project managers to incorporate the right earthquake protection technology for individual structures. Information is made transparently available to enable the best solutions possible. Robinson Seismic can supply bearings and dampers to spec for engineers already familiar with base isolation. More...

Helping business owners maintain operational and financial viability

Our base isolation solutions ensure business continuity for critical or high occupancy buildings and industrial facilities following a major earthquake. Applications include critical water, fuel, and produce tanks, wine vats, and power stations. More...

Securing government operations and avoiding massive losses

A major earthquake could paralyse governmental operations, but base isolation can secure critical buildings and facilities ensuring order is maintained in the aftermath. Major loss can be avoided – eg with hospitals where the loss of just one MRI machine could pay for the cost of installing base isolation. More...