Maintain operation and structural integrity of your important buildings after a major earthquake with cutting-edge Seismic Isolation

Many strategic or valuable buildings are constructed in earthquake-prone areas using construction methods that compromise their value, security, and contents.

Seismic (base) isolation keeps buildings, bridges, and other structures completely operational after a major earthquake.

Seismic Isolation effectively reduces the forces and displacement by absorbing energy in base isolators. They carry vertical load yet give lateral flexibility with damping – effectively decoupling the structure from the ground.

Seismic isolators reduce up to 80% of the seismic energy transferred to the structure. See the DVD clip.

Seismic isolation is especially suitable for:

  • Critical facilities needed to be operable during and immediately after an earthquake such as hospitals, emergency facilities, bridges, communication centres, or high-tech manufacturing plants
  • Historic structures or buildings with valuable contents such as galleries and museums
  • Buildings with high occupancy such as offices and apartment buildings
  • Vulnerable structures including water and fuel tanks, boilers, and wine vats

Existing buildings can be economically retrofitted. You can look at case studies of buildings surviving famous earthquakes plus benefits such as increased property value.

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